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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) - Concentration

Students in the Human-Computer Interaction Concentration must take one course in each of the following five areas.

  1. CS 147. Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design
  2. A project-based course involving a group design or analysis project in human-computer interaction. This can be satisfied by the project courses on Human-Computer Interaction
  3. Social and psychological aspects
  4. Programming
  5. Empirical methods

Additional Information

  • Each quarter, special topics courses are given under CS 377: Topics in Human-Computer Interaction. Topics vary, and these courses can be taken, with approval, to fulfill the requirement above to which the specific topic is appropriate.
  • For the latest course offerings related to human-computer interaction, including the CS377 series, see the Stanford HCI website. You may also want to join and view the archives of the HCI Students list.

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Technical Depth

Students doing the HCI concentration must take either Computer Organization and Systems (CS 107) or Computer Systems from the Ground Up (CS 107E) as part of the Technical Depth core requirement.

Recommended Concentration Advisors

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Management Science and Engineering

Computer Science