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Advising Fellows

Our Advising Fellows (AFs) are upper division undergraduate or coterm students in Symbolic Systems, who have taken a substantial number of courses for the major and can advise from a student's perspective.

If you are a current Stanford undergraduate, you may email the Advising Fellows at from your Stanford email account. 

2021-2022 Advising Fellows

View Advising Fellow Office HoursYou may contact an AF to schedule an appointment if none of the available office hours fit your schedule.

Adam Acevedo
  • Class of 2023
  • Concentration: Neurosciences

Hey! My name is Adam and I am a junior from a small town in Illinois, also known as Pretzel City, USA (my high school mascot was a pretzel). I am interested in exploring disparities that exist within rural communities whether that be education, healthcare, or economic development. As someone who spent so much time deciding, come talk to me about choosing classes, debating concentrations, balancing different interests, or anything in between! In my free time, I enjoy playing the saxophone, going on walks, and listening to music.


Khuyen Le
  • Class of 2021 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: CogSci

Hi! I'm Khuyen, a coterm student from Vietnam. I'm interested in the intersection of technology, psychology, linguistics, and art/design, and hope to pursue a career that allows me to stay engage in most or all of those fields. My current research interests include psycholinguistics and human-computer interaction. Come talk to me about doing research on campus, choosing classes, balancing your interests in STEM and the humanities, and being FLI / international at Stanford! Out of academics and research, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and reading and writing fiction.


Michelle Leung
  • Class of 2022
  • Concentration: Human-Computer Interaction

Hello! I’m Michelle, a senior from Princeton, NJ. My interests include linguistics, psychology, design, and sustainability, and especially how technology can play a role in these areas. Happy to chat about the SymSys major, choosing classes, and navigating a diverse set of interests at Stanford! Beyond academics, I like to draw, garden, do yoga and barre, and read comics.


Millie Lin
  • Class of 2022
  • Concentration: Human-Computer Interaction

I’m Millie, a senior from Los Altos, CA. I love thinking about how to communicate information accurately, efficiently, and engagingly – an interest that brings in topics like psychology, design, and education. Talk to me about getting involved in the SymSys community, planning your classes, and tech-y careers for SymSys people. I’m also involved in Symbolic Systems Society and Chamber Chorale, and I love writing and learning to crochet.


Tiffany Liu
  • Class of 2022
  • Concentration: Learning

Hi! My name is Tiff and I am a senior from San Ramon, CA. I am interested in cognition, psychology, and education, especially in the ways that technology can help inform the creation of inclusive learning communities. Feel free to come chat about whether SymSys is right for you, class recommendations and planning, and ways to get involved in research in related fields. I am also a double major in English, so feel free to come chat about navigating a double major and/or how to choose the academic paths that align best with your interests. Outside of school, I love to dance, read, write, and do NYT crosswords!


Dhara Yu
  • Class of 2021 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: CogSci

Hi! My name is Dhara and I'm a coterm studying CS from Palo Alto, CA. I did my undergrad in SymSys: my academic interests lie at the intersection of cognition, language, and artificial intelligence. Feel free to talk with me about choosing classes, planning for a coterm, or engaging in research! I'm also happy to provide my perspective on navigating careers in tech as a SymSys major. Outside of school, I'm an enthusiast of movies, running, and vegetarian cooking.

Angela Zhao
  • Class of 2022
  • Concentration: Computational Social Science

Hi! I'm Angela, a senior from the Bay Area. My interests include thinking about natural and artificial minds, research in the social sciences using computer science, the intersection of ethics and technology, and how to live the good life. Come talk to me about planning classes, doing research, and making the most out of a flexible interdisciplinary program. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, baking and eating, and ice skating.