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Advising Fellows

Our Advising Fellows (AFs) are upper division undergraduate or coterm students in Symbolic Systems, who have taken a substantial number of courses for the major and can advise from a student's perspective.

If you are a current Stanford undergraduate, you may email the Advising Fellows at from your Stanford email account. 

2020-2021 Advising Fellows

View Advising Fellow Office HoursYou may contact an AF to schedule an appointment if none of the available office hours fit your schedule.

Khuyen Le
  • Class of 2021 / & CompLit
  • Concentration: CogSci

Hi, I'm Khuyen, a senior from Vietnam. I'm interested in the intersection of technology, psychology, linguistics, and art/design, and hope to pursue a career that allows me to stay engage in most or all of those fields. My current research interests include psycholinguistics and human-computer interaction. Come talk to me about doing research on campus, choosing classes, balancing your interests in STEM and the humanities, and being FLI / international at Stanford! Out of academics and research, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and reading and writing fiction. 


Karen Li
  • Class of 2020 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: HCI

Hi! I'm Karen, a Computer Science (HCI) Coterm student from San Jose, CA. I'm interested in the intersection of technology and psychology as well as UI/UX design and research. I'm happy to talk about how SymSys fits into many industries, courses/concentrations, and my experiences working in tech. On campus, I'm a part of Women in Computer Science and I was on the Varsity Synchronized Swimming team as an undergrad. Some of my hobbies (in non-Covid-19 times) include traveling, hiking, and finding new food spots to try out!

Michelle Ly
  • Class of 2021
  • Concentration: DMR

Hello! I'm Michelle, a senior from Seattle, WA. I'm passionate about tech policy, specifically issues on data privacy, surveillance, and consumer protection. You can talk to me about changing concentrations, research on campus, what's it like to write a thesis, being FLI, and much more. On campus, I'm also involved in Symbolic Systems Society and looking forward to being an RA. Some hobbies I've taken up recently are learning new languages, reading books, and baking.

Sophie Regan
  • Class of 2020 / Coterm SymSys
  • Concentration: CogSci

Hi! My name is Sophie, and I am very excited to be an Advising Fellow this year. I am a SymSys coterm originally from Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from Stanford last June with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems and a B.A. in French. So yes, I really love SymSys! I am very interested in cognition, specifically language development as well as natural language processing. I'd love to chat with you about choosing your classes, the SymSys major, getting involved in research, applying to coterm, or anything else!

Vinh Ton
  • Class of 2020 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: HCI

Howdy there!  My name is Vinh Tôn, and I am a coterminal student at Stanford pursuing a BS in Symbolic Systems, HCI and an MS in Computer Science, HCI. I am passionate about the intersection of technology and accessible service for marginalized communities, and I developed human-centered digital solutions for problems marginalized communities face. As an orphaned, queer, neuro-atypical, first-generation, low-income immigrant of color, I've experienced many obstacles and socioeconomic stressors in my university experience and life, and as Sym Sys advising fellow, I hope to represent, advocate for, and impart wisdom to other students like me navigating an elite institution like Stanford that does not always make space for people like us. You can find reach and find out more about me on my little slice of the web:

Dhara Yu
  • Class Year 2021 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: CogSci

Hi! My name is Dhara and I'm a senior and coterm from Palo Alto, CA. My academic interests lie at the intersection of cognition, natural language, and artificial intelligence, which has led me to pursue research in a number of SymSys-adjacent disciplines. Feel free to talk with me about choosing classes and planning for a coterm, engaging in research, and finding ways to apply your SymSys knowledge for social good! I'm also happy to provide my perspective on navigating careers in tech as a SymSys major. Outside of school, I'm an enthusiast of movies, oil painting, and vegetarian cooking.

Jenny Zhi
Jenny Zhi
  • Class Year 2021
  • Concentration: Learning

Hi! I'm Jenny, a senior from Michigan. I'm excited about experience design, data visualization and storytelling, and behavioral psychology. Come talk to me about concentrations, course selection, and research! On campus, I'm also involved in Symbolic Systems Society, Women in Computer Science, and dance. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends and go on food explorations.