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Advising Fellows

Our Advising Fellows (AFs) are upper division undergraduate or coterm students in Symbolic Systems, who have taken a substantial number of courses for the major and can advise from a student's perspective.

If you are a current Stanford undergraduate, you may email the Advising Fellows at from your Stanford email account. 

2019-2020 Advising Fellows

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Photo of Roma Dziembaj
Roma Dziembaj
  • Class of 2019 / Coterm MS&E
  • Concentration: Decision Making and Rationality

I'm Roma, a senior from Warsaw, Poland. I'm interested in human visual perception and computer vision. Talk to me about anything related to SymSys, from declaring your major to research opportunities! As an international student, I can also help advise you about the CPT/OPT process for SymSys.

Richard Heru
Richard Akira Heru
  • Class of 2020 / Coterm AA
  • Concentration: AI

Hi! My name is Richard and I’m a senior from Semarang, Indonesia. Besides Symsys, I’m also majoring in Math and doing a coterm in Aero Astro. I studied abroad in Florence last spring and am going to be in Oxford this fall. Before coming to Stanford, I also studied in Singapore. Talk to me about choosing Symsys classes, research opportunities on campus, studying abroad, coterm, or anything you want to know. 

Lisa Liao
Lisa Liao
  • Class of 2020 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: HCI

Hello! My name is Lisa, and I’m a senior from the Bay Area. I’m interested in personalized behavior change technology and UI/UX design. In the last few years, I’ve worked in a few labs on campus including the Lab for Social Research and the Stanford HCI Group, as well as in industry among smaller start-ups and larger tech companies. Super down to talk about anything, including research, industry, how to know if the SymSys major is for you, or what you can do with a SymSys major! Outside of Symsys, I also study English, am a CS coterm, and volunteer with Cardinal Service. In my free time, I love to play music, dance, and adventure!

Angela Luo
Angela Luo
  • Class of 2020
  • Concentration: HCI

Hi! My name is Angela, and I am a senior from the Bay Area. I came in as an Econ major but fell in love with SymSys after taking a few courses in the major. I’m specifically interested in design, tech and social good, and natural language processing. Feel free to talk to me about anything related to SymSys, whether that be course planning or your career interests. I’m also happy to chat about being a woman in tech, HCI, or literally anything else! Outside of AFing, I am an RA for an all-frosh dorm and a CS106A section leader. I’m also a figure skater, a dancer, and a photographer.

Photo of Darian Martos
Darian Martos
  • Class of 2019
  • Concentration: Artificial Intelligence

Hi I'm Darian, a senior from San Diego, California. I'm interested in natural language processing and machine learning. I'm down to talk about anything SymSys (or life, because life is also SymSys), whether that be course selection, how to approach career searching, or even class/major frustrations! In my free time, I like to swim and bike, read, and analyze American elections data.

Santosh Kumaran Murugan
  • Class Year 2019 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: HCI

Hi! I'm a Stanford senior from Fort Worth, TX. I'm interested in biotech (I'm also pre-med), artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and space. In the past, I've worked in computational genomics @ the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, in interplanetary habitation systems and genetic engineering @ NASA, and co-founded a biotech startup. In my spare time, I enjoy scuba diving, spending time with friends, and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Come talk to me about research, HCI, pursuing interdisciplinary interests, or anything else SymSys-related!

Stephanie Niu
  • Class Year 2019 / Coterm CS
  • Concentration: Learning

Hi there! I’m Stephanie, a symsys undergrad and CS coterm from Marietta, GA. I’m passionate about learning experience/curriculum design, NLP, and cognitive/behavioral psychology. On campus I work as a research assistant in a digital humanities lab and am happy to talk about finding opportunities for cross-disciplinary work and research. I also recently took a quarter off to produce a podcast on human and animal migration in Australia; feel free to talk to me about taking a quarter off, pursuing non-major-related work, or audio storytelling! Beyond that, I’m happy to chat about course planning, pursuing and planning for a coterm, or even career paths in PM/UX design. Outside of academics, come talk to me about arts opportunities at Stanford, soap-making, multicultural Greek life, or anything poetry.

Jenny Zhi
Jenny Zhi
  • Class Year 2021
  • Concentration: HCI

Hi! I'm Jenny, a junior from Michigan. I'm excited about experience design, data visualization and storytelling, and behavioral psychology. Come talk to me about concentrations, course selection, and research! On campus, I'm also involved in Symbolic Systems Society, Women in Computer Science, and dance. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends and go on food explorations.