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How To Declare

Declaring Symbolic Systems as Your Major

To declare a major in Symbolic Systems, a student must do the following, in order:

  1. Completed at least one quarter of coursework after being admitted for regular undergraduate study at Stanford
  2. Have taken SYMSYS 1 (Minds and Machines) or be enrolled in SYMSYS 1 past the Drop deadline
  3. Declare the Symbolic Systems major in Axess
  4. Complete the Symsys Course Plan . We also encourage you to use this as a worksheet for yourself, throughout the program.
  5. Bring the Course Plan to a declaration interview with one of the Advising Fellows (see the calendar of Office Hours on the SymSys website for possible interview times). NOTE: AF office hours only occur during Weeks 1-10 of Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters.
  6. Have their AXESS declaration approved by the Student Services Officer for Symbolic Systems

If you are past your sophomore year, please see the Advising page for additional required steps for declaration approval.