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Introductory Skill Requirements

For Minors and Multiple Majors

Updated February 28, 2024 

Introductory Skill Requirement courses in Symbolic Systems are courses which meet the following three criteria:

  • Introductory level. The course can be taken as a first course at Stanford with either no prerequisites, or prerequisites that can be fulfilled through Advanced Placement or other standard waivers approved by the listing department.
  • Skill focus. The course focuses on and teaches a general skill required of all students in the major, involving foundational methods and techniques that are applied in other areas of SymSys.
  • Requirement for all students in the major. The course fulfills a Core requirement for the SymSys major.

The following courses are considered by the Symbolic Systems Program to be Introductory Skill Requirements that can be double counted between an undergraduate Symbolic Systems minor and a major in another undergraduate program at Stanford.

  • CME 100
  • CME 100A
  • CS 106A
  • CS 106B
  • CS 106X
  • Math 19
  • Math 20
  • Math 21
  • Math 41
  • Math 42
  • Math 51
  • Math 51A
  • Math 51H
  • Math 61CM
  • Math 61DM
  • Phil 150
  • Phil 150E