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Individually Designed Concentrations (IDCs)

Individually Designed Concentrations (IDCs) consist of five courses in a coherent subject area related to Symbolic Systems.

Course selection is to be made in consultation with the student's advisor and is subject to approval by the advisor, the Associate Director, and the Director.

Approval of an IDC must take place no less than two full quarters before a student plans to graduate. Failure to obtain approval by the required date will necessitate either completing the requirements for one of the Program's designed concentrations, or delaying graduation until the end of the second full quarter following approval of an IDC.

To get a proposed IDC approved, please complete this IDC Approval Form:

  • Title of IDC*
  • One paragraph description
  • Course plan
    • Your course plan must specify an Integrative Requirement course, as your fifth course, if you are doing the G4 (2020-21) requirements. See "Experiential Requirements" on the Core Requirements page for more info on the Integrative Requirement.
  • Concentration advisor approval

*Note: The title of your proposed IDC is purely for communicating the theme of your proposal with the Symbolic Systems Program office at the time it is submitted, and will not appear on your transcript or diploma.