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Raymond McDermott

Professor of Education, Emeritus

BA, Queens College, Philosophy and Chinese (1967)
PhD, Stanford University, Anthropology (1977)
Concentration Advising in:
Academic Appointments
Emeritus Faculty, Acad Council, Graduate School of Education
Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations
Co-Director, Teacher Education Program (1994 - 1996)
Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University (1985 - 1989)
Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University (1979 - 1985)
Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, Rockefeller University (1975 - 1979)
Elementary School Teacher, New York City Public Schools (1968 - 1970)
Dr. McDermott takes a broad interest in the analysis of human communication, the organization of school success and failure, and the history and use of various literacies around the world. His work includes studies of inner-city public schools, after-school classrooms, and the function of information technologies in different cultures. At present, he is workinng on the intellectual history of ideas like genius, intelligence, race, and capital.


Research Interests