Barwise Award - Khuyen Le ('21)

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Congratulations to Symbolic Systems graduate Khuyen Le ('21), who is the recipient this year of the Symbolic Systems Program's Barwise Award.

Khuyen is being recognized for her dedicated organizing and outreach to students as a Symbolic Systems Advising Fellow during the Covid-19 pandemic, and for initiating, coordinating, and editing the Advising Fellows Newsletter.

Photo of Khuyen Le
Khuyen Le

About the Award:

The K. Jon Barwise Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Symbolic Systems Program was inaugurated in 2001, in honor of the late Kenneth Jon Barwise, Professor in the Department of Philosophy, who served as the first faculty director of Symbolic Systems and a member of the program's founding committee. Jon's untimely death from cancer in 2000 saddened all who knew him. He was an influential logician, mathematician, and philosopher, who came to Stanford in 1983 to co-found the Center for the Study of Language and Information, the research laboratory that spawned the Symbolic Systems Program and to which we maintain close ties to this day. Jon was only on our faculty for seven years, leaving in 1990 to teach at Indiana University, where he co-founded what is now the Cogntive Science Program there. During his time at Stanford, in addition to leading Symbolic Systems from 1986 through '89, Professor Barwise co-wrote (with John Etchemendy) the textbook Language, Proof, and Logic, and he gave our program its name: "Symbolic Systems".

Past recipients (and the years in which they received the Barwise Award) have been:

Neville Sanjana (2001)
Luke Swartz (2003)
Heesoo Kim and Brendan O'Connor (2005)
Mike Krieger (2008
Anna Schapiro and Mike Mintz (2009)
Clayton Mellina (2012)
Erik Brockbank (2014)
Sydney Maples and Todor Markov (2017)
Lucy Li and Stephanie Zhang (2018)
Hope Schroeder (2019)
Stephanie Niu and Darian Martos (2020)

Congratulations again to Khuyen!