website: is our Hungarian study abroad program, that may be of
interest to undergraduate students in Cognitive Science and other disciplines.

There are increasingly many more US students in Budapest in various forms, many of
them on different SA programs. We believe that BSCS is well suited to provide
adequate value to visiting students through its strong academic content, and we
share the commitment to high-level teaching and research in the multi-faceted
discipline of Cognitive Science with our numerous guest professors.

BSCS, established in 2003 focuses on cognitive science from an interdisciplinary
perspective and offers credit-earning courses for neuroscience, psychology,
philosophy, linguistics, biology, computer sciences majors; as well as continuous
and optional intensive Hungarian language courses. The program is complemented by an
optional independent research module tailored to students' curricula and research
interests. BSCS is hosted by the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at
Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Hungary's premium science university established in
1635 and serving as a centre of excellence for modern higher education, covering
nearly every scientific discipline. A world-class new campus has been added to the
premises of ELTE, built on the scenic banks of the Danube and hosting the Faculties
of Natural and Social Sciences and Informatics, where BSCS courses are held.

The BSCS Faculty comprises of highly accomplished experts with international
research and teaching experience. Lecturers headlining the program between 2004-2010
included Professors, in addition to leading academic staff of ELTE, from highly
distinguished universities, such as UC Berkeley; Indiana University;  University of
Sussex; Kalamazoo College; Hokkaido University; etc. Budapest provides an excellent
and highly inspiring setting and our vibrant metropolis is a hub of a wide range of
interdisciplinary studies and research; boasting a bustling Central European
experience with a growing English-speaking academic community. Furthermore, the city
serves as a gateway to Vienna, Prague and other major attractions of the region. Our
program has had a long-standing tradition of welcoming students of very diverse
academic backgrounds from predominantly the United States and CentralEurope, and our
aim is to take BSCS to another level now by reaching out to further specialized
academic institutions, thus paving the the way for an enhanced cooperation.

In light of the above, we are confident that BSCS has a potential to enhance the
international and intercultural understanding and skills of students, and we hope
that given its close link to the curriculum offered by your institution, students
will show interest in our program.
We kindly invite you to visit our website for more detailed information
( and we should like to assure you of our full availability to
engage in further discussions with you on the program. Besides, we welcome student
inquires at

Looking forward to your kind reply,
With kind regards,

George Kampis, Professor
BSCS Director and Head, Philosophy of Science, Eotvos University

Peter Erdi
BSCS Co-Director
Henry R. Luce Professor, Kalamazoo College, MI

Judit Hegedus
BSCS Study Abroad-US Program Coordinator


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