Chris Chafe

Duca Family Professor

Concentration Advising in:
Academic Appointments
Professor, Music
Member, Bio-X
Member, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Honors & Awards
Center for Digital Health Award, Stanford University (2023)
High-Impact Technology Grant, Stanford University (2023)
Coastal Futures Ecoacoustic Music Prize, Coastal Futures Conservatory (2022)
Edgard Varèse Guest Professorship, Technical University of Berlin (2019)
International Visiting Research Scholar, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia (2019)
Reisdency Scholarship, Banff Centre for the Arts (2019)
Visiting Professor, Politecnico di Torino (2019)
Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Seed Grant, Stanford University (2018)
Synthetic Aesthetics Residency, AHRC / NSF (2010)
Research Award, NSF (2008)
Chris Chafe is a composer, improvisor, and cellist, developing much of his music alongside computer-based research. He is Director of Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). In 2019, he was International Visiting Research Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies The University of British Columbia, Visiting Professor at the Politecnico di Torino, and Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor at the Technical University of Berlin. At IRCAM (Paris) and The Banff Centre (Alberta), he has pursued methods for digital synthesis, music performance and real-time internet collaboration. CCRMA's jacktrip project involves live concertizing with musicians the world over. Online collaboration software and research into latency factors continue to evolve. An active performer either on the net or physically present, his music reaches audiences in sometimes novel venues. An early network project was a simultaneous five-country concert was hosted at the United Nations in 2009. Chafe’s works include gallery and museum music installations which are now into their second decade with “musifications” resulting from collaborations with artists, scientists and MD’s. Recent work includes the Earth Symphony, the Brain Stethoscope project (Gnosisong), PolarTide for the 2013 Venice Biennale, Tomato Quintet for the transLife:media Festival at the National Art Museum of China and Sun Shot played by the horns of large ships in the port of St. Johns, Newfoundland.


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