SSP Forum Schedule

The Symbolic Systems Forum at Stanford

(The Public Sessions of Symsys 280, Symbolic Systems Research Seminar, 1 unit)

Spring Quarter, 2016-2017
  12:30-1:20 pm on Selected Mondays, in 460-126 (Margaret Jacks Hall)
(unless otherwise noted)
Everyone is welcome!

Apr. 10  Sean Follmer, Mechanical Engineering Department, "Dynamic Physical Media for Interaction and Display"

Apr. 17  Alex Kuefler (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Capturing Human Driver Behavior with Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning", and Brendan Fleig-Goldstein (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Assessing Resource-Rational Analysis Approaches"

Apr. 24   Hershel Mehta (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Neural Responses to Monetary Incentives in Bipolar Disorder", and Andrew Barakat (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Classifying Bipolar Disorder from fMRI Data - Machine Learning Approaches"

May 1  Aarush Selvan (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Syistems Program, "Dynamic Analysis of Learning in Behavioral Experiments on Monkeys vs Humans", and Lena Hong (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Comparison of Knowledge Tracing Models on Students in an Online Introductory Statistics Course"

May 8  Stefano Ermon, Computer Science Department, "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability"

May 15  Jason Freeman (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Learning Boolean Semantics from Questions and Answers", and Allen Nie (M.S. Candidates), Symbolic Systems Program, "Information Theory Driven Regularization in Neural Networks"

May 22  Joshua Greene, Thomas A. Wasow Visiting Scholar in Symbolic Systems, Psychology Department, Harvard University, "How Do Our Brains Construct Thoughts?"

May 30  [Tuesday - 5:15-6:45pm, Bulding 320, Room 105]  David Chalmers, 2017 Symbolic Systems Distinguished Speaker, Philosophy Department, New York University and School of Philosophy, Australian National University, "The Virtual and the Real: Philosophical Issues About Virtual Reality"

June 5  Phoebe Fu (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Emoji, Engagement & Social Perception in Interpersonal Texting", and Frederic Ren (M.S. Candidates), Symbolic Systems Program, "Scalable Strategic Resource Use Intervention: A Self-Administered Intervention to Enhance Academic Performance"

June 5  [Monday - 5:30-6:20pm]  Senior Honors Students, Symbolic Systems Program, Annual Presentation of Honors Theses

June 12 [Monday - 1:00-1:25pm]  Sage Isabella (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Automation: The Curse and the Cure - Why Tech Companies Have a Responsibility to Assist in Poverty Alleviation"

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