SSP Forum Schedule

The Symbolic Systems Forum at Stanford

(The Public Sessions of Symsys 280, Symbolic Systems Research Seminar, 1 unit)

  12:30-1:20 pm on Selected Mondays, in 460-126 (Margaret Jacks Hall)
(unless otherwise noted)
Everyone is welcome

Autumn Quarter Forums:

Oct. 1  Summer Interns, Symbolic Systems Program, The 2018 Summer Projects Poster Fair [Note location: Philosophy Courtyard (between Building 370 and Building 380)]

Oct. 15  Christina Wodtke, Computer Science Department, "Working with Story: Using Storytelling to Create Empathy and Communicate Value"

Oct. 29  Jennifer Burns, History Department, "Milton Friedman and the Long Bipartisan History of Universal Basic Income"

Nov. 12  Paul Kiparsky, Linguistics Department, "Traversing the Fitness Landscape"

Dec. 3  Zavain Dar ('10), Lux Capital, "Machine Learning and Empiricism from the Lens of Silicon Valley"

Winter Quarter Forums:

Jan. 14  Mykel Kochenderfer, Aeronautics & Astronautics and Computer Science Departments, "AI for Safety Critical Applications"

Feb. 4  Cynthia Lee, Computer Science Department, "Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Can We Avoid Imparting Human Biases to Computers?"

Feb. 25  Russ Poldrack, Psychology Department, "The Future of fMRI in Cognitive Neuroscience"

Mar. 11  Dan Yamins, Psychology Department, "Cognitively Inspired Artificial Intelligence for Neuroscience"

Spring Quarter Forums:

Apr. 8  Mark Algee-Hewitt, English Department, "Computational Models of Readerly Affect"

Apr. 15 Cameron Backes (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Interactions between attention lapsing, media multitasking, and memory"; and Alec Brickner (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Broad-Scope AMR Parsing with Dynamic Continuized CCG"

Apr. 22  Jennifer Pan, Communication Department, "How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, Not Engaged Argument"

Apr. 29  Yuxing Chen (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "Probing the pragmatic information encoded in neural network’s word embedding space"; and Pratyusha Javangula (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "The role of the question under discussion (QUD) and prior beliefs in exhaustivity inference"

May 6  Karin ForssellEducation School, "Learning with a computer in your pocket"

May 13  Ken Taylor, Philosophy Department, "Derogation and Resistance"

May 20  Ethan Herenstein (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "The Effect of Jury Instructions on Juror Causal Reasoning", and Renata Chai (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, "From Scribbles to Shapes: Measuring Developmental Changes in Visuomotor Ability for Drawing"

June 3  Senior Honors Students, Symbolic Systems Program, Annual Presentation of Honors Projects

Jun. 10 [12:30-1:45pm] Morgan Bryant, (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, Title TBA; Francesca Vera (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, Title TBA; and Zach Harned (M.S. Candidate), Symbolic Systems Program, Title TBA

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