Wasow Scholar Special Event: Mind Sharing with Julian Jara-Ettinger

Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Levinthal Hall at the Stanford Humanities Center, 424 Santa Teresa Street

You are invited to a taping of the nationally syndicated radio program and podcast Philosophy Talk. On Wednesday February 14 at 7pm at the Stanford Humanities Center, hosts Josh Landy and Ray Briggs will be joined by special guest, Yale psychologist and Wasow Visiting Scholar in Symbolic Systems Julian Jara-Ettinger, to record an episode on “Mind Sharing.”

Mind reading might sound like the stuff of science fiction. But in philosophy and psychology, mind reading is something that human beings do whenever we try to guess what another person is thinking. Could it be that people are also natural born mind sharers, unconsciously shaping our behavior to be understood by others? How do we change or exaggerate our actions when others are present? And how can we use these insights to communicate better with our loved ones?

In addition to thought-provoking conversation and audience questions, the show will feature multimedia reporting from Roving Philosophical Reporter Holly J. McDede and satirical commentary from Ian Shoales the Sixty-Second Philosopher.

This event is generously sponsored by the Stanford Symbolic Systems Program.