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Stanford Honors Thesis Prizes - Symbolic Systems Recipients

Stanford annually presents awards to recognize excellent honors research by Stanford undergraduates. The Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research is given to the top theses in the sciences and engineering, and Robert M. Golden Medal is given to the top theses in the humanities and creative arts.

Symbolic Systems Honors Program Medalists:

The table below lists honors theses in Symbolic Systems that have won university awards since 1995.

Year Student Honors Thesis Title Honors Advisor Second Reader Award
1995 Jon Lindsay "A Biological Basis for Being-in-the-World: Autopoesis and Heidegger's Phenomenology" Jean-Pierre Dupuy Terry Winograd Golden
1998 Jacob Wobbrock "The Law and Policy of Autonomous Software Agents" Carey Heckman Thomas A. Wasow Golden
1999 Amy Perfors "Slow and Steady Doesn't Win the Race: The Relation of Infant Information Processing Skills to Later Linguistic Performance" Anne Fernald Zenzi Griffin Firestone
2000 Joan Chiao "Do They All Look Alike?: An fMRI Study on Race and Face Perception" Jennifer Eberhardt John Gabrieli Firestone
2001 William Barkis "A New Insight into a Fundamental Neural Mechanism of Learning, Memory and Neuron Death: Understanding the Regulation of NMDA Receptor Expression" Ben Barres Erik Ullian Firestone
2002 Barry Wark "The Biology of Developing Complex Neural Network Architectures: Integration of Neural Activity by Astrocytes in Regulating Formation of Synapses in vitro" Ben Barres Erik Ullian & Stephen Smith Firestone
2003 Deena Skolnick "Interactions Between Mutual Exclusivity and Lexical Contrast in Word Learning" Ellen Markman Anne Fernald Firestone
2005 Gregory Wayne "Order and Word Order: How the Information Content of a Word in a Sentence Helps Explain a Linguistic Universal" David Beaver Thomas A. Wasow Firestone
2006 Michael Bernstein "Taskposé: A Dynamic Task-Based Window Management Aid" Jeff Shrager Terry Winograd Firestone
2007 Gabriel Recchia "STRATA: Search Tools for Richly Annotated and Time-Aligned Linguistic Data" Joan Bresnan Thomas A. Wasow Firestone
2008 David Hall "Tracking the Evolution of Science" Daniel Jurafsky Christopher Manning Firestone
2009 Anna Schapiro "A Connectionist Model of a Continuous Developmental Transition in the Balance Scale Task" James McClelland Anthony Wagner Firestone
2011 Justine Kao "A Computational Analysis of Poetic Craft in Contemporary Professional and Amateur Poetry" Daniel Jurafsky Christopher Potts Golden
2014 Makiko Fujimoto "Show Me the Features: Regular Viewing Patterns During Encoding and Recognition of Faces, Objects, and Places" Kalanit Grill-Spector Tirin Moore Firestone
2017 Bora Erden "Choice-Predictive Activity in the Macaque Dorsal Premotor and Motor Cortices" Diogo Peixoto James McClelland Firestone
2018 Daylon Tippett "Testing Theories of Forgetting: The Effect of Memory Suppression Strategies on Associative Memory" Anthony Wagner Jiefeng Jiang Firestone
2019 Atticus Geiger "Can Natural Language Inference Models Perform Natural Logic Reasoning?" Chris Potts Thomas Icard Firestone
2020 Jñani Crawford "Validation and Generalization of Pixel-wise Relevance in CNNs Trained for Face Classification" Kalanit Grill-Spector Sonia Poltoratski Firestone
2021 Sofia Miranda Avila Jamesson "Fallouts of Deportations in Texas: Analyzing the impact of large-scale workplace raids on academic performance" Michelle Jackson Beka Guluma Firestone
2022 Isabel Z. Wang "Caregiver and Child Health Under Lockdown: Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Caregiver Outcomes, Caregiving Behaviors, and Health Services Utilization in Rural China" Scott Rozelle Gary Darmstadt Firestone