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Erik Brockbank Class Year: 2013 Concentration: Decision Making and Rationality
About: I'm a Symsys coterm student studying education in the virtual reality lab; I got my undergrad degree in Symsys as well! At Stanford I've been involved in prior research at the VR lab, education research with Dan Schwartz's AAA Lab, as well as the Deme platform that the SymSys website is built on. Outside of Symbolic Systems, I've also taken coursework in Econ, Humbio, and a handful of other fun things. If you'd like to talk about any of this, stop by my office hours!
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 10:00am - 12:00pm in 460-040A
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Hershel Mehta Class Year: 2014 Concentration: HCI
About: Hey all! I'm Hershel - a student in the Decision Making and Rationality concentration (class of 2014). For the last few years, I've been working in Brian Knutson's Symbiotic Project on Affective Neuroscience (SPAN) lab, doing some really cool interdisciplinary work on the intersection of emotion, econ, and neuroscience (how many buzz-words did I just use in one sentence...). I had a crazy academic journey at Stanford: I started as a math major, then thought about psych, then CS, then double major (dodged that bullet), then finally found a home in SymSys. I declared my junior year, so I'd love to talk to any older folks about how we can make SymSys work for them, or to any freshmen or sophomores who are still unsure about where they're headed. Feel free to stop by my office hours or give me a call at any point! All the best, Hershel
Office Hours: MW, 3:00 - 5:00PM in 460-040A or by contacting me: 615-336-7533
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Howon Lee Class Year: 2015 Concentration: Artificial Intelligence
About: I am a junior from San Diego who is concentrating in Artificial Intelligence. I've done research in Jay McClelland's lab and in Jeremy Bailenson's lab. I've also worked at four startups, writing content and data mining and generally making things. I also did biochemistry research previously. I am also a human being and not scary at all. Promise! (I may break the promise)
Office Hours: Fridays 10am-12pm and 1:00-2:00pm in 460-040A
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Julie Fortuna Class Year: 2013 Concentration: HCI
About: I'm a coterm student in CS (HCI track). As a SymSys undergrad, I concentrated in HCI. I've done research in data visualization, crowdsourcing, and the role of prototypes in the design process. I've also participated in user experience and user interface internships, both at startups, as well as at large companies. Feel free to chat with me about HCI, user experience, undergraduate research, classes, internships, or anything else!
Office Hours: TTh 3:15-5:15pm in 460-040A
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Makiko Fujimoto Class Year: 2014 Concentration: Cognitive Science
About: Hi everyone! My name is Makiko, and I'm currently a senior in SymSys, in the cognitive science concentration (I'm also a new coterm in CS, doing the HCI track). I do research in the Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab, specializing in eye tracking and face/object recognition. I've both worked on campus doing research and off campus at a startup over the summers I've been here. I've flipped flopped a lot about my academic choices (I started off as a HumBio major with no CS experience), so I totally understand if you're confused about your major/classes/Symsys in general. So come talk to me :)
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursdays 1:30PM - 3:00PM
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Nikhil Bhargava Class Year: 2014 Concentration: Neurosciences
About: Hi all, I'm a senior in SymSys with a concentration in Neurosciences! I hail from the exotic Palo Alto, CA, and love talking about the brain, philosophy, and the future of computing. I've bounced around quite a bit with different concentrations including Artificial Intelligence and Applied Logic, so come ask me about anything! I'm also currently a CS coterm with dual depths in AI and Theory and am working in one of Andrew Ng's machine learning groups.
Office Hours: MW 1:00-3:00pm in 460-040A
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Sean Troxel Class Year: 2014 Concentration: Decision Making and Rationality
About: I am a senior in SymSys with a concentration in Decision Making and Rationality after considering Applied Logic for some time. My main interest is in philosophy and its applications to other fields and discourses, though I've also enjoyed late night coding and early morning running. If you have any questions about the major, courses, professors, or anything, feel free to stop by my office hours!
Office Hours: AF, Office Hours: T/Th 1pm-3pm in 460-040A
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